This is a photo story about a very peculiar street in Mongkok, Hong Kong.

Sai Yeung Choi Street is famous for its noisy nights filled with numerous street performers. Sometimes you can see two singers singing different songs with microphones amplifying their voices just next to each other. When you walk through the crowd, your left ear and your right ear are in totally different frequency. But they look very comfortable with a rival standing just 10 meters away and singing very very loud.

There are also other people doing little business on the street at night.
There’re several portrait photographers that make photos for people. The busy and colorful night street view deserve a photo to keep as a piece of memory.
There’re also several jewellery shops whose shop assistant is also being attracted by the streetscape or street people. He usually stands at the entrance to welcome customers. But at the moment, this man in a suit looked around, seems something interested him.
Here comes the live concerts from Sai Yeung Choi Street.
Singers bring their own equipments and performed with crowds of people surrounded. The guitarist sings with passion.
When you wandering around, suddenly, you spot something unusual.
A woman performed fire tricks and acobics on the pedestrian district. The audiences are fully occupied with her breathtaking show.
When you were also enjoying her wonderful show and waited to see more, she suddenly picked up her notice board, packed her tools and left quickly without saying any extra words to the audiences.
You turned back and understood why.
Two firemen walked out of the fire engine with a paper in hand, discussing.
They went to the spot where the fire aerobat gave her performance. But she was no longer there. People assembled to the firemen to see what would happen next.
After a while, two firemen headed back to the fire engine with a fire extinguisher unused in each one of their hands.
Firemen and an officer were talking to people at the scene. People stayed there to enjoy the excitement.
Firemen found no use of themselves at the moment and were enquired by a passenger when they were about to leave.
People watch the fire engine and the ambulance drive into distance.
Sai Yeung Choi Street was once again left in its own party time.
You walked down the street again, found everything back to normal in a very short time. Another singer with her crew gave free performance on the street. She accepts request from audience to sing a particular song.
But then you notice something new again.
A number of protesters holding yellow umbrellas show their demand for a ‘real universal election’. They name themself as ‘Gauwu’ as the similar pronounciation as ‘shopping’ in Putonghua since C.Y. Leung, the then Chief Executive, said he hope the citizens would shopping more after the umbrella movement. They protest regularly at Sai Yeung Choi Street.
And here’s the flags of the protest group ‘Gauwu’  standing near the road sign of Sai Yeung Choi Street South for years.